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Written by a patient
30th November 2020

I am extremely grateful to Mr Kirkby-Bott and his team for managing to arrange an urgent operation for my hernia. It had become very painful and was preventing my ability to work, so it was with a great sense of relief when I received news of a date for my operation. From my initial consultation through to discharge from the Spire Hospital in Southampton, the level of care and professionalism was exceptional. I felt reassured at every point and followed the thorough preparations laid out before my admission. I was able to be discharged shortly after my operation after a further consultation with Mr Kirky-Bott and I found this to be of great benefit. I really can't thank or praise the whole team enough. It has had a life-changing positive effect for me and enabled me to continue helping others through my volunteering efforts during the COVID pandemic. I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much James Brooke

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