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Written by a patient
17th September 2020

The inguinal hernia operation performed under local anaesthetic with minimal disruption to a frail 82 year old man with a leaky heart valve was a great success. If only everyone who needed this operation could be treated this way. Mr Kirkby-Bott was very understanding of the situation and his patience in explaining details much appreciated. His aftercare advice was clear and very effective. Having previously been advised by other surgeons that no hernia operation could be carried out until heart surgery had taken place, which did not because of COVID-19, to now be pain free is fantastic.

18th September 2020
Response from Mr James Kirkby-Bott

Thank for your detailed feedback. I was really pleased to hear that despite the advice you had previously been given we were able to help. It has given the rest of the surgery team a real boost to understand how this technique makes hernia surgery accessible to everyone.

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