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Written by a patient
18th September 2020

Following a very worrying incident of rectal bleeding I was referred by my GP under the two- week cancer pathway. I was placed in the care of Mr Shaikh’s team. You can imagine that the very mention of Cancer strikes panic and fear. The following colonoscopy showing a lesion in the wall of my bowel added to my trepidation that I had contracted Cancer. Given the extreme pressure that the NHS is under due to the Covid crisis it was unlikely that my case would be reviewed for some weeks leaving me in a state of extreme anxiety. After direct contact with Mr Shakhi I was able to arrange a consultation with him and with minutes of starting my consultation he was able to reassure me that it was not Cancer moreover he was able to give a possible cause of the lesion discovered. My emotional response was meet with great compassion. Had it not been for his swift and supportive action I should have still been left with the Sword of Damocles hanging over my head. His plan for my future management of my condition has filled me with great confidence that my ordeal is now fully under control. He is truly an outstanding Doctor and a very caring individual Colin Shirley

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