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Written by a NHS patient
30th August 2022

I had surgery with Dr Ntanos on 25th July 2022. From the beginning video call back in 2020 until the moment I had my chest reveal, the service I received was more than I could ask for. During my initial consultation he was immediately friendly and it is obvious that he genuinely cares for trans people and wants to provide them with gender affirming care. I have a BMI of 40 so I am clinically obese which can often turn a lot of surgeons away but he never once made my size an issue. At my pre-op appointment, where I met him in person for the first time, he was just as friendly if not more so, and the appointment was smooth and not as scary as I was expecting. I am a naturally anxious person so I was very scared at the prospect of surgery and general anaesthesia, and all of my concerns and questions were answered at this session without judgement. It calmed me down a great deal. He was respectful when looking at and measuring my chest and didn't make the situation dwell for longer than it needed to. On the day of the surgery, Dr Ntanos and the team at the Pines Hospital were welcoming, kind and easily kept me calm down throughout the whole thing. No question was considered stupid and the reasoning behind every decision he made was explained to me. I woke up from the surgery feeling in pain and groggy but nothing unexpected, and I was looked after very well for the overnight stay with a good selection of food. I am now just over 1 month post-op and I have never been happier with my chest, and dog ears seems to have been avoided. Dr Ntanos did a great job of creating a masculine chest that is proportional to my body shape and I'll be grateful for the rest of my life. Cannot recommend enough.

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