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Written by a private patient
16th June 2022

I was a private patient at the Pines Hospital and can say Dr Ntanos and his team were nothing but exceptional; my results are more than I could’ve ever asked for. For those who are doing their research or deciding on surgeons, here’s a little timeline breakdown as this was the information I found lacking when I was trying to decide. I waited approximately a month between enquiring for a consultation (directly through Dr Ntanos’ website contact me form) and the consultation appointment. After the consultation, we continued communicating via email to agree on a suitable surgery date - The wait between agreeing this date to the surgery was approximately 2 months. So a period of approximately 3 months between my first contact to my surgery date. His response time was brilliant considering what a busy man he must be, and he was incredibly informative at the consultation. He explained the different techniques which could be used; But advised and explained why and which procedure would be best for my body and my physique. He was helpful & open to any and all questions and would draw diagrams to help me understand better. His bedside manners are applaudable, always ensuring I have no questions remaining before leaving and apologising if he had to touch anywhere which may cause dysphoria or discomfort. I must say, from the research I conducted, Dr Ntanos is by far substantially cheaper than a lot of other surgeons - which is confusing because his results are next to nothing compared to others. His work is up there with the best, yet his prices are reasonable amongst what’s available. We asked Dr Ntanos why he does what he does for trans people, and his answer could not have been more humble and from a place of genuine care. A surgeon who most definitely isn’t doing it for the money, but from a caring heart; I don’t think I could’ve picked a better surgeon who put my mind and nerves at ease. My only honest feedback are as follows, though none of this deflects the superb job, service, kindness and future that Dr Ntanos and his team have given me. My first concern was when my surgery date was confirmed. I had no idea when to expect to put the deposit down and the surgery month was approaching. His admin team did contact me once the month of the surgery arrived - So if you get booked in for a surgery date and don’t hear anything about paying your deposit; Likelihood is, they’ll contact you closer to your surgery date, about a month prior to it. My second concern was trying to confirm my preop appointment. Once the deposit was secured, I received another email to arrange my preop appointment, advising the date and time it was booked and to expect a call the day after receiving the email to confirm everything. My preop was originally booked for 4 days before my surgery at 10:30AM - However, in my preop call, the nurse wanted to change this to an earlier date to ensure my blood tests would be ready for surgery. I agreed and we changed the date. I asked if I would receive another email confirmation of this; to which she said yes. After not receiving my confirmation email and rang just to double check it had been rearranged. I found that it had not been booked in and had accidentally been cancelled altogether. This was a bit concerning as I would’ve had no preop appointment booked unless I called up to double check out of my own anxiety. The nurse booked me back in for the original date again (4 days prior to surgery) - but at a later time as my original 10:30AM slot was taken. I was informed at my preop to expect a call to advise my surgery time between now and the appointment date. So I waited, but heard nothing. I was trying to arrange a lift to the hospital, but without a surgery time, could not do so. It got to literally the day before my surgery, and I still didn’t know what time to arrive at the hospital. I had to call 3/4 times across the two days prior to my surgery before finally being given a time; only a few hour prior to my surgery the next day. This skyrocketed my anxiety which was the very thing I was trying to ease considering I was anxious enough about the surgery. I wish there was better communication regarding hospital arrival to prepare for the surgery. On the day of my appointment; I arrived, got admitted, signed the relevant forms, and was told I was first on the list to go into surgery. Unfortunately, Dr Ntanos had to come back to inform me that the anaesthetists was unable to do the procedure that day. I am grateful that he let me have a pyjama day at the hospital as the surgery was delayed until first thing the next morning. I had my own hospital room, with an en-suite, tv and great portioned tasty food. So despite the disappointment of not having my surgery when expected, I appreciate it didn’t get delayed a few days/weeks/months away, and was quickly resolved by being push to the next day. The entire team were lovely, take good care of you and try their best to ease your nerves. It was a positive and memorable experience. The post op check up was brilliant. Dr Ntanos has continuously assured me to contact him at any point if I ever have reason for concern or further questions. I’m over the moon with seeing what I always imagined in my head in reality and don’t have the words to express how positive of an experience I’ve had despite obstacles or hiccups. Could not recommend Dr Ntanos enough.

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