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Written by a private patient
30th August 2022

I had FTM Top surgery with My Ntanos at the Pines in August 2022. I have never had any surgery before and have never really been in hospital so I was very nervous. Mr Ntanos was extremely reassuring. At my pre-op he let me record our consultation and although I went with a list of 20 plus questions he answered them all in his consultation without me having to ask. I had a very large chest and so was worried about my results. Mr Ntanos took time to explain the possible issues and to make sure we both agreed on where we were prepared to compromise. I also hated seeing and showing my chest but he put me at ease when he had to examine me. On surgery day he came to see me beforehand and again was extremely reassuring. Post surgery I am extremely satisfied with my results and I have been very impressed with his post surgery contact. I am a worry wart and he has responded to all my messages providing reassurance in and prompt and effective manner. I highly recommend him.

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