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Written by a NHS patient
22nd September 2022

Dr Ntanos exceeded all of my expectations and demonstrated a quality of care and compassion that I have rarely seen before in a medical professional. His bedside manner is immaculate, his consultations are thorough and his sensitivity towards a person's needs, requests, circumstances, and even interests is greatly appreciated. His work is wonderful, and I truly believe that each surgery is unique to the patient, because he honestly cares about the final bespoke result, instead of a identical result between people. In addition, he provides a straightforward explanation of his process, that allows a patient to understand what results are realistically achievable, while still taking their preferences into account. It is also of note that he treats NHS patients with the same high level of care and respect as his private patients. It's apparent that he truly cares about the rights of the people he sees, and their aftercare, as well as telling his patients about charities they can provide unneeded binders and compression garments to, to help them manage their dysphoria. In conclusion, I cannot thank Dr Ntanos enough for what he has done for me, and in his own words: "It is and honour and a privilege" to have been one of his patients. - Jeffrey Maddison

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