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19th January 2018
Written by a patient at The Manor Hospital, Oxford

I underwent a mesh rectopexy with Mr Lindsey privately. The initial consultation was brief and no exam was done, I was just told that my defecating proctogram showed prolapses that would require a mesh rectopexy to fix. The surgery resulted in complications that he failed to pick up, despite my insistence there was something wrong. I struggled to get hold of him when I was in such a dire situation, and at follow-up he still failed to pick up the problems caused by the mesh; he didn't examine me and instead thought I'd just need another mesh surgery, so I was referred to an NHS colleague as he knew I couldn't afford further private surgery. I wasn't advised of complications and potential problems with mesh other than the rare possibility of erosion; I certainly was not aware at that time of the possible problems that many faced with mesh, which now includes myself. I was told it was a safe procedure that he had done countless times be for, the only option for fixing such pelvic floor problems, and that was that. Aside from a drawing of a curve showing mesh, I wasn't told exactly what it was nor what it was made of. I was desperate and he knew that. Once I had paid and had the surgery done, I was handed over to someone else. I suffered complications as an immediate and direct result of the surgery that meant months of agony; I had this partially resolved in a further surgery, but still the rectum failed to function. I am now left with a stoma and no large bowel, the fear of vaginal perforation or erosion now I know the full extent of such possibilities, narrowing of the vagina affecting sex and even the use of tampons, lower back pain and rectal pain. I'm not even 30. I feel I was not given adequate information prior to surgery, nor was I adequately checked before or after the procedure was done. I feel I wasn't adequately supported when I stated how things felt wrong. I have lost a lot of faith in surgeons, and the whole experience for me is still on-going. I need a stoma revision and I'm waiting to see whether mesh removal may be possible. I have complained and asked for changes to be put into place for future patients, though the information booklet and online information appears the same. I feel my situation, and that of others who have or will have this procedure by this surgeon, are not of high priority when it comes to negative outcomes. In addition, despite being told of the negative outcomes (20% of patients simply not benefiting), I later discovered outcomes aren't even properly monitored; there's no definitive record of who haven't benefitted, and, more importantly, those who have suffered complications. I've lost so much from this surgery, which I feel needn't have been the case should adequate advice, care and support have been given.

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