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Mr Himaz Marzook had extensive training in the surgery of the Liver and gall bladder in a specialised tertiary hospital in Liverpool. He then had further training in the upper gastrintestinal surgery in west yorkshire and in the teaching hospital Hull. Prior to moving to the UK he was trained in Sri Lanka. He was appointed to the post of Consultant Laparoscopic General/Uppergastrointestinal surgeon at the University Hospital of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust (Queens Hospital, Burton-On-Trent) upon completion of training. Mr Marzook has experience in the treatment of gall stone disease with the most modern techniques with emphasis on rapid access to treatment and recovery. He performs Laparoscopic (Key hole) Cholecystectomy, Laparoscopic (Key hole) Bile duct exploration. He performs Laparoscopic (Key hole) Nissens Fundoplication (Hiatus hernia surgery) and Large number of hernia surgery. He is a very experienced hernia surgeon performing both keyhole and open surgery. He performs a wide range of hernia surgery and is highly experienced in repairing complex and recurrent hernias in the groin and incisional hernias. In addition to this he performs surgery for lumps and bumps and emergency surgery including Laparoscopic Appendectomy. He also repairs large incisional hernias using the modern technique of abdominal wall reconstruction. This technique reduces the recurrent rates of these hernias significantly. He strives for the highest level of care, providing the very best standard of surgical treatment and patient satisfaction. He is heavily involved in education and is an Honorary lecture at Leicester University School of Medicine where he organisers teaching and training for undergraduate medical students who are aiming to become doctors. He is also the Foundation Programme Director for Junior Doctors ensuring that they have comprehensive training during their early years as a doctor.

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