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Written by a NHS patient
5th February 2021

I consider myself truly fortunate to be under the care of Mr Gok Ratnarajan. From the moment I first met him in the Corneo Plastic Clinic I felt so comfortable with his easy manner whilst he explained to me, the situation with my eye health. I had been with another Clinic for a few years, which no longer practiced and had to find an alternative hospital clinic to help me find the way forward with my Glaucoma and worsening cataracts. It felt like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders to hear everything Mr Ratnarajan was explaining to me in such an easy to understand way. I had and felt total confidence in what would eventually have to take place. Mr Ratnarajan has definitely got empathy - he is very kind, and is so dedicated to his work, I would say, passionate about it. He's extremely professional and totally efficient. I have recently had combined cataract and glaucoma surgery which involved stents being inserted into my eyes and cataracts removed. I thought I could never go through with it without a general anaesthetic - but with Mr Ratnarajan's reassuring explanation of what would take place, I - over a period of months, finally decided to go ahead with the operations (separately of course) - when the time came, and having a local anaesthetic. There was absolutely nothing to worry about and it is a short procedure. Recovery is not long at all, and the improvement to my sight is incredible - so much better than when I was a teenager - without glasses! I am now 75 - and it has changed my life really.. I owe my grateful thanks to the amazing surgeons doctors and nurses who were involved with both my operations and also the laser treatment pre surgery - to help prevent further drainage issues - I'm so pleased to have had that which Mr Ratnarajan performed around 18 months ago. I had wonderful care, not only during my surgeries, but before and following. Both teams at the Queen Victoria Hospital and the McIndoe Centre were so helpful and encouraging making sure I was comfortable and OK. Very impressive attention to all details in the Theatres - and at every test before reaching the operation table... Special thanks also to Dr Natalia Maes and Dr. Khan - I very much appreciated your expertise - thank you so much. I could not ask for more. Thank you so much, I am so happy to be at the Queen Victoria for this very special and ongoing care. Mr Ratnarajan - thank you for all you do, for the enormous difference you make to patients' lives.

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