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Written by a carer
12th October 2020

My son had his tonsils & adenoids our plus grommets in, in September this year. He had severe dribbling as a result of very enlarged tonsils and at 3 years old we decided to act. From the initial consultation to the post op consultation I felt completely reassured. Mr Kelly was extremely professional and knowledgeable. Following the surgery my son had a rough 7-8 days and, whilst I was warned, think he had a particularly tough recovery which is just one of those things. I emailed Mr Kelly and received a very prompt mail back reassuring me and offering to see me a day later, by which time my son had had a better night and I was feeling less worried. At post op consultation Mr Kelly was again great and reassuring to both my son and me. A child having an operation is always a worrying time but I truly felt my son received the best of care from Dr Kelly.

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1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5