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Written by a private patient
11th March 2021

My daughter suffered with a leaking ear from the age of 10 months. After a further 3 years of going back and forth to various NHS and private doctors, and being prescribed antibiotic after antibiotic, we thankfully found Mr Kelly through our health insurers. Mr Kelly was the first Dr we saw that performed a pressure test on her ear, and found that rather than it being a need for gromits as we had been told previously, it was in fact a case of the opposite needing to be done. My daughter had a hole that would not heal by itself and so was letting infection in. Within 2 months after initial consultation, my daughter underwent an operation to repair the hole. I believe it may have been quicker, had it not been for the covid situation. The operation was done as a day case, and it all went really smoothly. I was very happy with how thorough Mr Kelly was when he came to discuss the procedure. He was great at putting my daughter at ease too. 3 months on and I am amazed at the improvements we have seen with all her initial symptoms. The scar she's been left with is minimal, and we have had no need to visit any doctor about her ear since the op. Overall I think Mr Kelly is great at his job, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone with an ear problem.

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