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Written by a patient
12th April 2020

I had booked a consultation with Mr Gerard Kelly on the 6th April as I had a problem with tinnitus and dizziness. This had been ongoing since August the previous year to which I had seen a number of nurse practitioners, GP’s and doctors. As of the COVID-19 I was only allowed to have a telephone consultation which I was abit sceptical about as I’d of preferred a one to one consultation. I had a 30 minute telephone consultation with Mr Kelly to which he listened to everything I had to say about my symptoms which turned out to be exactly what I needed for my diagnosis. Mr Kelly seemed to listen in more detail about my symptoms, extremely knowledgeable and a lot more reassuring than I have had with my previous practitioners so if anything else goes wrong with my ears ( which I hope it doesn’t) I will be going straight back to Mr Kelly and can’t thank him enough.

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