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Written by a patient
14th August 2019

I was referred to Mr Kelly by my GP after another ENT consultant at a different hospital told me the only thing that could be done about my hearing problem was to fit me with a hearing aid and dismissed any other treatment. At 33 years old, this was not what I wanted to be told. My experience with Mr Kelly could not have been more different. I found Mr Kelly to be extremely considerate, friendly and listened to my issues. Different treatment options were discussed with Mr Kelly explaining the advantages and possible side effects of them all which made the decision to go ahead with a stapedectomy an easy one. The operation was carried out at the end of June and I have just had my last aftercare appointment - Mr Kelly kept me informed of the procedure and explained everything he was doing so I knew what to expect. My last hearing test showed a great level of improvement in the operated ear; so much so it is now better than my ‘good’ ear!!! I cannot thank Mr Kelly enough, to give someone one of their senses back is just amazing!!!!

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