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Written by a patient
13th March 2019

I was referred to Mr. Kelly due to having a large sebaceous cyst on my neck, in July 2018 he removed this after a consultation with him at the Spire Hospital Roundhay. I have a 1.5inch scar on my neck that you cannot now see and hopefully no reoccurrence. during my consultation with him, I was suffering for hayfever type symptoms, with a post nasal drip which he commented on, I told him I was suffering from these symptoms following a chest infection. After a lot of trips for my GP, a burst eardrum and having difficulty to breath, my GP referred me to ENT which I asked to see Mr. Kelly again as I had great trust in him. Within 3 weeks I was operated on having a Bilateral Endescopy sinus surgery with Septoplasty. The treatment I received from Mr. Kelly and his team at the Spire Hospital was second to non and I can now breathe freely through my nose and I can hear!!!! I would have no hesitation in recommending or using Mr. Kelly in the future, he is a true professional and his staff at the Spire Hospital speak highly of him.

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