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Written by a carer
30th August 2019

We went to see Mr. Kelly with our 14 month old daughter in July, as she couldn’t eat any solid food without vomiting. We had been advised by Speech and Language Therapists that it was likely to be caused by tongue tie. We had been referred to an NHS ENT doctor, who we saw, but who didn’t think the problem was caused by her tie. We decided to get a second opinion and found Mr. Kelly on the ATP website. We got an appointment within 2 weeks for a consultation. Mr. Kelly examined her and said that she was definitely tied but he was realistic about the chances that dividing the tongue tie would help her eating. We decided to go ahead and do the division, and after the procedure Mr. Kelly said that the tie was worse than it had appeared. Our daughter is now one month post op, and the difference it has made is unbelievable. She is now able to eat any food, with any texture. Mr. Kelly was very friendly, and we felt like he listened to our concerns. We can’t thank Mr. Kelly enough for helping our daughter, and finally easing our stress.

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