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Written by a patient
11th February 2020

I cannot recommend Mr Kelly highly enough. He was recommended by a family member after I’d seen 3 separate ENT’s, who all came out with the same outcome, that there was nothing wrong because the tests came back fine. Upon my first consultation with Mr Kelly the tests he did also came back fine, but unlike before, Mr Kelly didn’t stop there just because nothing was showing. He didn’t read my referral notes till after his examination, so he could make his own decision. A few weeks later I had an operation and he got to the root of the problem after 5 years of going back to the GP and other ENT’s and in this time my hearing getting worse. He has a great bedside manner, put me at ease and explained everything. There’s no hesitation he really does care for his patients and couldn’t do enough for them. My only regret is he wasn’t recommended sooner!!

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1 2 3 4 5