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Written by a private patient
14th October 2021

Having been around the houses and back with my GP, A&E, neurologists, eye doctors, CT & MRI scans through Leeds Infirmary no one could provide an explanation for my gradual onset of headaches , extreme tinnitus and generally feeling unwell. I got referred privately to Mr Kelly as I was at my wits end with everything and having read the many positive reviews of Mr Kelly I thought it an appointment with him might be beneficial. Mr kelly also works at Leeds General Infirmary and even took the time to view my NHS records and scans when he was on shift there one Saturday morning, and even rung me that morning to go through everything with me. A consultant doing this in his own time was amazing , it shows an high level of care, and empathy. Moving forward , Mr Kelly has operated on my ear at The Spire in Leeds. I have had a Mastoidectomy and a Grommet inserted. The reasons for my tinnitus and headaches was a cholesterol granuloma which came to light during the surgery. The care from start to finish from Mr Kelly was exceptional. Mr Kelly is very approachable and explains everything clearly and concisely. I would highly recommend this consultant, the hundreds of positive reviews on the site and others speaks volumes.

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