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Written by a patient
13th September 2020

I was delighted with my consultation with Mr Kelly. He was personable and empathetic as well as being an expert in his field. I had sudden onset tinnitus at the beginning of lockdown and was finding it difficult to understand and manage my symptoms. Mr Kelly listened carefully as I described the tinnitus and he examined my ears. From this he was able to determine the cause and how to alleviate the symptoms. I cannot thank him enough.

14th September 2020
Response from Mr Gerard Kelly

Thank you for your kind words. Usually tinnitus is a noise heard from activity in the inner ear, usually where there is an inner ear (or 'sensorineural') hearing loss. This can happen with aging or noise exposure or trauma or with some medications - really lots of reasons! Tinnitus is unusual in people where hearing is normal. In tinnitus which arises from an inner ear problem, usually there is no cure, treatment relies on managing the tinnitus. Sometimes tinnitus is caused by something which can be cured (this is unusual), where there is wax and dead skin pressed on the ear drum for example, microsuction and removal of this blockage and removal of pressure on the ear drum MIGHT help! It might be worthwhile to have someone who has experience and knowledge of ears to see you, if microsuction is to be carried out in this situation (where wax might have to be pulled off the ear drum) an ENT surgeon should do this. GK

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