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Written by a private patient
31st January 2021

I was referred to Dr Kelly to treat a chronic infection resulting from a facial trauma. My appts with Dr Kelly were timely and he explained the treatment and surgery required in a comprehensive manner, so I was able to make an informed decision regarding the operation. My operation was scheduled ,once again, in a timely fashion and my stay in The Nuffield in Leeds was comfortable. All safety measures were being practised and I felt safe and cared for during this current COVID pandemic. I was most grateful to Dr Kelly for visiting me after the surgery to reassure me of its success. My subsequent post op appt was instrumental for reinforcing that all healing was taking place and Dr Kelly explained everything in a clear and comprehensive manner. I am most grateful for his skill and expertise in alleviating a chronic condition that has had a negative impact on my life for the past three years. Great work and excellent treatment!

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