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Written by a private patient
28th March 2022

For the past 6 years or so, I have noticed a deterioration in my hearing. At first, it was trouble hearing friends or family when out for a meal but then it started affecting my ability to do my job properly. I was pretty certain I had not damaged my hearing through excessive noise etc but getting the root of the issue has taken many years. Whilst my GP did diagnose Eustachian Tube Dysfunction early on, the solution of using steroid spray and trying to manage it through home remedies in the end proved futile. I did have an appointment with a local ENT specialist who suggested my hearing was well above average but I knew there was something not right. In the few months prior to the procedure, the ear pressure was becoming unbearable and it was in danger of making me become reclusive. If you are reading this and have been diagnosed with this condition, you will know where I am coming from. After a lot of saving and a big dose of bravery for me, I got in touch with Mr Kelly and outlined the issues I have with my hearing. I had read a bit about the success rates of having a Eustachian Tube Dilation procedure but they were mainly American websites and I took the success rates with a pinch of salt. As I am up in Edinburgh and Mr Kelly is based in Leeds, I was only able to have a virtual consultation. Mr Kelly was very thorough in asking the history of my issues and then outlined the various options I had available. I did not hesitate to go with the Eustachian Tube Dilation procedure. The day on the procedure went like clockwork, I opted to have my procedure done at the Leeds Nuffield hospital and I cannot rate the staff highly enough. On the day of the procedure, Mr Kelly performed a hearing test with me and also told me I had a mild high tone inner ear hearing loss. He explained that my hearing would not be improved by his operation, nor would the itching which was likely due to an ear infection. My pressure symptoms should be improved as a result of the procedure and on that basis, we went ahead. In all honesty, this was a gamble and I knew it but I just had a feeling this procedure was going to make a huge difference. The procedure itself went very well, the worst part was the waiting. I experienced no pain or discomfort and Mr Kelly was on hand before and after to chat. Following the procedure, I was expecting to get instant results. There is very little information on the internet as to what to expect and in fairness, I should have asked. I did notice a slight improvement following the procedure but not the huge improvement I was expecting. At first I thought, perhaps my hearing is damaged. I also experienced mild nosebleeds and minor pain from below my ears. Fast forward 3 weeks, all pain has gone and my hearing is well and truly restored. I honestly cannot describe in words how nice it is to be able to listen to my favourite music, hear conversations when out for a meal and to be able to do my job properly. It is so much of a shock to the senses, I have to ask my other half to lower her voice! I really appreciate Mr Kelly's professionalism, honesty and skill in looking after me. I am very grateful to have been able to have had this procedure done and I would thoroughly recommend Mr Kelly if you require an ENT specialist. As for the procedure itself, it really is nothing to worry about and I cannot recommend it and Mr Kelly highly enough.

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