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Written by a patient
24th November 2020

ound the whole experience with Dr Orfaniotis very smooth and transparent. I originally enquired about a breast uplift, this was due to losing a big amount of weight and being left with excess skin. During my consultation we discussed my options, and he explained that with an uplift I may not be left with the results I was looking for - I would lack volume in my chest, as it was very flat. He recommended I do some research and make sure I was 100% sure before proceeding, and gave me the information I needed to do so. After I looked into it I decided to proceed with implants along with an uplift, to get the results I was wanting. We discussed implant size and I went with a relatively small implant, as I was wanting volume and shape over a fuller bust. The actual surgery went as smoothly as possible, the hospital was clean and modern and I felt well taken care of throughout the process. Once I woke up from the surgery I felt groggy and sore however the pain was nowhere near what I had anticipated. After around a week from surgery I had absolutely no discomfort which was astounding. I was recommended around 8 weeks recovery time but felt back to normal after just a couple of weeks. I have had a couple of check ups since and we are both incredibly happy with the results. The scars are starting to fade already (10 weeks post op now) and they are looking more and more natural by the day. They completely feel and look like they always belonged to my body and fit my frame well I believe. I am excited to see how the scars will continue to fade, but I am already so happy with the results. I would whole heartedly recommend Dr Orfaniotis for surgery as he was very helpful, concise and honest, along with giving me the results I was looking for from my surgery.

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