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Written by a patient
26th October 2020

I came to Mr Orfaniotis, (on the recommendation of a friend) after two years of unsatisfactory treatment from doctors at my local district hospital, for what should have been the straightforward removal of a BCC from my forehead and hairline. By the time I referred myself to Mr Orfaniotis the situation needed addressing quite urgently. From the moment I met Mr Orfaniotis I felt reassured. I had done my research and knew I had come to one of the best plastic surgeons in London. His assessment of the situation was detailed and he was able to explain clearly what needed to be done and the approach he would take. On his advice the BCC was removed by a dermatologist specialising in MOHS procedure. Mr Orfaniotis then treated and repaired the resulting wound (hole) in my head with plastic surgery.This included the use of ‘Matriderm’ to ensure there was no dip in my skin where the skin graft was. Not only was he an excellent plastic surgeon technically, but he also showed great empathy. This was important as I was extremely apprehensive about both the surgery itself and the outcome following the surgery, as it would be so visible in the middle of my hairline. He understood my anxiety and was able to keep me calm and confident throughout the whole process. I was also impressed by the care taken during the follow up consultations, to ensure that everything progressed as it should following the operation. The final result is as good as Mr Orfaniotis said it would be. The Matriderm ensured there is no ‘dip’ in my skin where the skin graft is, his technical expertise means that you cannot see where the plastic surgery starts and my own skin ends. After two years of unsatisfactory treatment elsewhere I am thankful that I was treated by Mr Orfaniotis, and grateful for the skill with which he handled my case. Hilary Wright, October 2020

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