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Written by a patient
20th May 2019

I was referred to Mr Amen as I had a parathyroid gland which was leaking too much calcium into my blood. I had my first consultation with him on 31st December last year when he talked me through the operation to remove this, including the things which could go wrong. Also answered any questions which I had, however mundane. The operation took place on 15th February and everything went well and as he had planned. There was no damage to the vocal chords, very little swelling and, despite a little discomfort in the first few days, no pain during the whole healing process. The calcium level in my blood is now 'spot on' and I feel so much better in myself, much more energy. I met a friend this morning whom I hadn't seen for several weeks and almost her first words to me were 'I can't see your scar', this is a fact, you can't see it. I am so very pleased with the whole outcome. Mr Amen, thank you so much for your exceptional skills, time and patience, I am so very pleased it was to you I was referred. Thank you also to Mr Amen's surgical team and the staff on ward A15.

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