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Written by a patient
29th March 2019

We just moved to UK and within 6 months I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. It was so painful especially being away family and friends coupled with very limited support system. After Some research my husband decided for me to get an appointment to meet Dr. Amen for consultation. An amazing consultant he is so caring considerate and lovely just amazing. I honestly could not have done this journey without him. Dr. Amen is outstanding. He was exactly what I needed, honest, detailed, simplifying explanations when required, both pictorially and verbally, his approach cannot be faulted. My consultations were never rushed and always carried out with the utmost care. On the day of my operation he talked me through everything both before and after the operation and always put me at ease. Mr Amen was very clear from the start of what my experience would be and it was exactly as he had said. My operation was a success though lasted for almost 6 hours and the results amazing, you are very lucky if youn are consulting with Mr. Amen and he is your Consultant Surgeon. He truly listened to what I wanted as a final outcome, offer his professional opinion along the way without taking away my wishes. As strange as it sounds, I look forward to my appointments with him so we can have a little chat. I’m really happy with the care I have received from him and his team during and after surgery. His advise and support was not just restricted him being my consultant surgeon but also connecting me with fellow professional Dietitian who could help me get some work experience. Oh and I should mention a fabulous sense of humour too and most importantly a super efficient Secretary!!! I am eternally grateful that I had you couldn’t wish for anyone better in fact there probably isn’t. This review would be incomplete if not for this website as only after reading reviews here we decided to Consult Dr. Amen. Mrs. Nahata

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