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Written by a NHS patient
16th February 2021

I was diagnosed with throat cancer early March 2020 and put into the care of Mr Amen and his team. After biopsis were taken Mr Amen contacted me with the bad news and good news ie bad news is, yes i had throat cancer but the good news is it is curable. I have never wavered from that belief in Mr Amen's comment. I had my tonsils out where the cancer was and put on an intensive 6 week daily visit to Addenbrookes for radiotherapy treatment. I have to say I feel very blessed that I was put in the care of NHS Peterborough and especially Mr Amen whom I have the greatest respect for. Having said that it is true to say that everyone who had guided me through this challenging period in Peterborough and Addenbrookes including Carol Turton, Jo Gemmill, Sally Lyons, Amanda Edwards to name but a few have been simply wonderful. Everyone was very willing to give help and advice and only a phone call away. My thanks once again to you all.

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