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Written by a patient
25th February 2020

I was referred to Mr Pereira after two rounds of epidural injections failed to provide long lasting relief from constant and excruciating pain caused by a herniated disc pressing on my sciatic nerve. When I first met Mr Pereira he was fully aware of my case history and how my injury had progressed and I felt immediately reassured when he explained that the doctor who had referred me to him had made him aware of me well in advance in case I required surgery. Mr Pereira explained what was causing my pain, how it could be resolved, and had a very calm manner which made me feel that I was in safe hands. Mr Pereira also took time to ask me for any questions that I had, and answered them clearly, being careful to check that I had understood and that my question had been answered before moving on. During my consultation Mr Pereira explained all options available to me, as well as his recommendation, and then scheduled me in for a microdiscectomy. After the operation my pain has dropped massively, meaning I no longer need constant painkillers. I have also regained mobility and my life is getting back to normal again. I get stronger and feel less pain as the weeks and months go by. The scar Mr Pereira left is also the neatest I have ever seen, and healed with no issues or discomfort at all. I am currently continuing physiotherapy with The London Clinic and will be revisiting Mr Pereira for a final epidural to help speed up my recovery. I cannot recommend Mr Pereira enough. I feel incredibly fortunate that I was lucky enough to be treated by someone as competent, knowlegable, and skilled as he is, and would not hesitate to request a referral with him in future - although of course I hope that I will never need one !!

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