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Written by a member of staff
14th November 2020

pedunculopontine nucleus deep brain stimulation for freezing and falling -in PD Having suffered from Parkinson’s disease for 12 years I Really had reached the end of the road in terms of therapies for my condition : I was fortunate to find Professors Tipu and Erlick who had had experience of this procedure.Having discussed the pros and cons with them I concluded that going ahead was my best option. The odds of achieving a successful result were in my favour and most importantly I had great confidence in the team who would be looking after me. And so it turned out. The pre and post operative care was first class..and pain free.. The symptoms of PD showed a clear improvement in all respects with the exception of initiating movement from a tight location and even here the time taken to get moving was reduced. The electrical equipment was straight forward and not intrusive. At the time of writing my medication of 4 Stalevo daily works well.

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