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Written by a private patient
8th July 2021

Dislocated my shoulder in a bicycle accident in October. After my scan showed that the muscle had been torn off the bone and the ligament severely damaged and, in light of COVID likely to delay any operation, I switched from NHS to Thames Shoulder and Elbow private treatment. Whether NHS or private Mr Ibrahim would've been my surgeon. Within a few weeks of an initial consultation at Syon Clinic surgery was arranged for Jan 2nd at StJohn &St Elizabeth Hospital in Swiss Cottage. Mr Ibrahim talked me through the procedure and was very calm and reassuring.The operation took about 4 hours and was painless with the anaesthetic and I was released the same day. After a follow-up consultation with Mr Ibrahim I was prescribed physio which took about 10 weeks at West Thames Physiotherapy. Progress was slow but steady and I had 1 more consultation (after about 3 months) with Mr Ibrahim to check progress was on track. Its now 6 months post-op and I have full mobility in my shoulder, no pain and an active trip to Scotland including a day's sea kayaking caused me no problems. I've even returned to the gym to continue to build the strength back up into my arm and shoulder. Throughout Mr Ibrahim has been professional and approachable and I highly recommend his services.

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