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Written by a private patient
13th August 2021

After having some problems for a while with a painful hernia on the right side of my groin, I finally decided to have it checked out. I made a appointment with the Spire London East Hospital in ilford and I received a consultation appointment with a Dr Dip Murkerjee. When I attended my appointment I was obviously a little nervous concerning the surgical procedure and what the outcome would feel like after the hernia operation. Mr Murkerjee clearly explained to me what the problem was how we were going to repair it and why my hernia was causing so much pain, and he realized straight away that we needed to perform the operation as soon as possible. A week and a half later the doctor performed the operation, and 3 weeks later I'm recovering extremely well and I'm more than pleased and extremely appreciative of the care service I received from start to finish from Dr Murkherjee and all the other nursing staff who looked after my care while I was in hospital. I would really like to say a big thank you to Dr Murkherjee for looking after me and delivering absolute first rate service in healthcare.

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