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Written by a private patient
30th January 2021

Saw this Doctor at Genesiscare Oxford on the 27/01/2021. Initial conversation went ok but his atitude upon examination was terrible and made me feel uneasy and ashamed of my body. He said gosh you have big breasts what are you a D or DD. I am actually much less than this and did not see the relevance of this for a breast lump consultation. The ultrasound arranged for afterwards was also terrible took two minutes and she didn’t even do the whole breast. Don’t even really know what I have or yet cause of pain. Waste of time and money

7th March 2021
Response from Mr Dionysios Dennis Remoundos

We are sorry to hear that your experience of our service did not meet your expectations. We would encourage you to contact us on 07979 808685 to discuss your concerns and see if we can resolve the situation. Mr Remoundos works closely with highly skilled radiologists, but is unable to comment on the quality of your scans. Any concerns about your imaging need to be raised with the radiologist, via GenesisCare Oxford on 01865 706105 or by contacting the centre leader at

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