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Written by a patient
11th November 2020

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and referred to Mr Banerjee at St George's Hospital Tooting under the NHS in 2008. My insurance covered my care so we switched to Parkside Hospital, Wimbledon. I have been under his care for 12 years. A cancer diagnosis turns your word upside down, but his expert knowledge combined with unfailing kindness, compassion and ability to explain difficult information in a way that is easy to understand makes a huge difference. He is an outstanding surgeon; I couldn't have imagined such a successful surgical result. Thanks to Mr Bannerjee (and his colleagues) I am cancer free. I have had the best care imaginable and I will always be extremely grateful to him. I can't recommend him highly enough, so my suggestion would be that if you can request to be referred to him, you absolutely should.

12th November 2020
Response from Mr Dibyesh Banerjee

Many thanks to all my wonderful patients esp, for such lovely words of encouragement! I appreciate each of your comments left here. These positive sentiments mean everything to me. Best wishes. Mr D Banerjee

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