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Written by a patient
5th October 2020

Mr Banerjee is a completely trustworthy professional. He is honest without being brutal and kind and understanding. I have spoken to a number of his previous patients all of whom were singing his praises: a view with which I agree. I feel very lucky, not to have had my cancer, but to have been referred to such an excellent surgeon in whose hands I felt completely safe. I have had the best possible care from Mr Banerjee and I will always be grateful to him for his swift action and for possibly saving my life. Mr Banerjee's role is to carry out surgery and he is happy to defer to his Breast Care Nurses for further discussion if necessary. He is entirely honest and professional and I am sure that by the end of my treatment I will be thrilled with what he has managed to achieve for me. I would happily recommend him to any future patient.

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