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Written by a patient
5th March 2020

I have never gone through such a personally traumatic event, as with my recent breast screening results. My knowledge of breast cancer, having worked extensively in this field, unfortunately added to my fear rather than helped in any way. Dr Banerjee gave me valuable advice and support, which helped in my decision to undergo the procedure which he carried out with consummate professionalism, but with an empathy that helped allay my fears and ensure that I could get through it. The end result gave me something I would not have been able to achieve in any other way – peace of mind. That everything that could and should have been carried out had been, to an exceptional degree and this has given me the ability to sleep soundly at night. I want to thank him for seeing me and being at the end of the phone when I needed help, ensuring I did not have to wait any longer than necessary to have my procedure and results available and supporting me all the way. I cannot thank him enough, I am delighted with the outcome and do not regret my decision to undergo my procedure with him for one second.

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