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Written by a patient
23rd May 2020

I first encountered Mr Banerjee when a routine NHS mammogram led to a lumpectomy on my right breast. Mr Banerjee's calm and professional manner was very reassuring at the time and he took care to answer all my worries and questions. The outcome of the lumpectomy was very successful, but as it was the second one I had had on the same side, I felt asymmetrical as my breasts were noticeably different sizes. After some time had passed, I approached Mr Banerjee on a private basis and asked if there was any solution to my problem. Mr Banerjee listened to my concerns and was able to recommend a procedure that suited my needs. He performed a breast augmentation, but using different sized implants to account for the different sizes of my breasts. The implants are not huge - I still have a very natural profile - but I am delighted with the outcome. The asymmetry has been corrected and I feel much more confident. It was very reassuring to be able to turn to a surgeon I knew I could trust and who was able to answer all my queries and concerns.

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