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Written by a patient
6th May 2019

Mr Banerjee performed my single mastectomy and reconstruction with contralateral augmentation a year ago. When he recently asked me how happy I was with the outcome out of 10, my immediate answer was 10 - but on reflection it's really 11 out of 10 because I'm not only cancer-free but actually happier with my shape than before. The scars are virtually invisible and I can wear a bikini with complete confidence. Mr Banerjee is extremely vigilant about post-operative complications and for this reason I had no issues - but just as important as his expertise and professionalism, he listened and understood my wishes and concerns throughout the process. I feel fortunate to have been under his care.

9th May 2019
Response from Mr Dibyesh Banerjee

Many thanks to all my patients for writing such kind words. Such positive feedback spurs us on to continue to learn and to serve. I am ever so grateful for your trust in my ability to look after you. D Banerjee

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