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Orthopaedic Surgeon at The Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic. Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Ashford and St Peter's NHS Trust Special interest in Joint replacement surgery of both the hip and knee including revision surgery. Special interest in sports injuries of the hip and arthroscopic hip surgery. Interest in foot and ankle surgery particularly ankle ligament injuries



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7th February 2019
Written by a patient at Nuffield Health Woking Hospital

A little background to my case first - I’ve always had hip issues (I have Axial Spondyloarthris/Ankylosing Spondylitis/AS) but in August 2018 I sustained an acute hip injury through the repetitive motion of jet-washing my drive! The NHS totally let me down on this. After a few weeks I paid for private scans and despite them showing a labral tear in my hip and still being unable to walk or sleep, the NHS said that I couldn’t be seen even by an extended scope physiotherapist (to see if I needed to see a surgeon) until November 30th! I decided to see Mr Michael who I’d seen earlier in the year about ankle and foot problems. On that occasion I was referred to an excellent podiatrist who has helped tremendously with these problems. From the very first Mr Michael was absolutely wonderful explaining about the labral tear and why I was in so much pain and unable to stand anywhere near upright. The usual first line of treatment would be a steroid injection into the hip but unfortunately, I react very badly to steroids so it wasn’t an option for me. Mr Michael suggested using crutches for four weeks explaining that hopefully the pain would start to settle. I can honestly say that these were some of the worst weeks of my life - AS is very painful, but this was in a league of its own! After a couple of weeks although I’d managed to get a little more upright with the help of crutches, I was still barely sleeping, my thigh muscles had become incredibly weak and my knee started to become unstable as well. I arranged to see Mr Michael a week early and he was very sympathetic and understanding. He very clearly explained the risks and potential outcomes of surgery. I was put under no pressure to undergo surgery at all, but it was presented as an option. It wasn’t a difficult decision to make being in so much pain and Mr Michael agreed to perform a hip arthroscopy to try and repair the damage. I had total faith that Mr Michael could improve my situation and at least reduce the pain (if you ever want to know my criteria for choosing really good surgeons, I always look for those who’ve spent time in Australia - it’s never let me down yet!). I had no doubt at all that between his tremendous skill, good rehab and my huge stubbornness, I’d recover quickly and successfully and get back to the walking and running (and skiing) that I so love. My expectations have been more than met! Even just before the op, Mr Michael sat down and explained that he suspected that there might be a bit more going on than a labral tear so that recovery might take a little longer than he’d first thought and he was proved right as I also had a cam lesion as well which he also addressed during the surgery. The op and what to expect afterwards was very well explained and I was very well looked after indeed. I was home only a few hours post-op and the pain I’d been experiencing pre-op had completely gone. Post-op pain is so different to pre-op pain, especially when that pre-op pain has has such a massive impact on your life for three months. I started physio a week after the op, did my exercises religiously and have gone from strength to strength. I was on crutches for 14 days and coming off them wasn’t a problem at all. Minimal scarring and a very neat job indeed. My op was on November 8th and on 8th December I returned to weekly parkrun (walking). At 11 weeks post-op I had my follow up with Mr Michael and agreed that I could make a gradual return to running. So far my recovery has been brilliant and I can’t thank Mr Michael enough. Would I recommend Mr Michael? Every single time!! He’s so kind and caring, he listens and cares, he’s compassionate and empathetic as well as being a very skilled and knowledgeable surgeon.

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