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Written by a private patient
13th September 2021

I had both upper eyelid surgery and breast lift/enlargement at the same time (I had never been in hospital before apart from having 4 children - I am 57 years young). I was extremely nervous and wanted the procedures but didnt want to be in hospital twice so had them simultaneously, both by Mr Lam. When I came round from the anaesthetic, I couldnt believe how little pain I was in, in both areas, which presumably is down to the great work that was done by Mr Lam. I can't recommend enough both the hospital itself including all staff which were very attentive at all times, and especially Mr Lam who made me feel totally at ease throughout. I have just been back for my 3 month check up and all scars have virtually disappeared and the only regret, which I know is something that is said all the time, is that I didnt have these procedures done years ago. If I was ever brave enough to have something else done, I would have no hesitation in contacting Mr Lam again.

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