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Written by a patient
12th September 2020

Re: knee replacement surgery. 2018 I had full faith in Mr Arvinte both before, during and after surgery! Pre op - everything explained in great detail and time taken to listen and answer my questions in full. But also explaining the surgery and the pain post op! I felt at all times that I was being listened to and not rushed through at all times, even though consultants have such a heavy workload. Makes you feel 'special' in circumstances where you are very apprehensive and anxious! Although I was aware of the pain post op I wasn't expecting 'such pain'! Mr Arvinte was always aware and organising several different pain drugs to help me deal with it and the visit from the 'Pain Doctor/Nurse' was put in place immediately! First class care was in place at all times when in hospital and on post op appointments. I have now been discharged but told that if I'm concerned about anything to contact Mr Arvinte (his secretary), I find this very re assuring, knowing he is there if I encounter any problems! I am very pleased with the end result of my op and am able to get back to all my active pastimes again My appreciation goes to Mr Arvinte!

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