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Written by a patient
11th January 2021

I first saw Mr Arvinte some 6 months prior to my hip replacement operation. He took time to explain the pros and cons of the operation he immediately gave me confidence to proceed with the replacement. I had been in a lot of pain with my hip for several years could only walk short distances. My operation was carried out 24/12/ Mr Arvinte and his team. Everything went smoothly from my admission to the operation. The very next day the physiotherapist had me walking ,then proceeding to the stairs. I saw Mr Arvinte shortly afterwards and we were both very pleased with my progress. I had to stay in hospital longer than probably necessary due to a high temperature I recorded. Once at home my progress was rapid soon being able to walk without crutches and totally pain free.All my follow up visits have been good.I now walk without pain and it has changed my life. Mr Arvinte and his team have been brilliant and thoroughly recommend him to anyone thinking of having this treatment.

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