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Written by a patient
21st November 2020

I found Mr Arvinte kind considerate, caring and compassionate. I first broke my hip 13 years previous, in a fall in late February 2020 I broke this replacement. Due to the in pact of Covid 19 on the hospital and nationally I was not able to have an operation immediately . Mr Arvinte called me several times at home to see how I was, he stated that he would get me into surgery as soon as possible. He gave me hope as my surgeon, I would after surgery be able to walk again and also pain free. He spent time to explain the difficulties of my other health conditions (high risk of blood clotting due to my Factor five Leiden Anticoagulant). Furthermore he was respectful to my decisions to still have the operation and the high risk of my surgery. Overall I found Mr Dan Arvanti to be not only a great surgeon, impeccably professional but a genuinely nice person.

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