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Written by a patient
20th August 2019

To start I can’t thank Dr Simillis enough , I was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer in July 2018 , straight from the first consultation with him he put me at ease, with his calm , reassuring, and friendly manner . He was also very straightforward with my options , I was in surgery within 2 weeks of my diagnosis. The team he has around him are second to none , especially Sarah Byrne the C.N.S , she explained the stages from surgery to after care very meticulously. Dr Simillis completed the surgery as he said he would with minimal invasion, , while on the ward he visited every day with out fail , with calm reassuring words of encouragement. I’ve just returned from getting my results , which I was overjoyed to hear him say that I don’t need anymore treatment, there are no words I can say that would thank him and his team for everything they’ve done for me and my family . If they were giving out oscars for surgeons this man would win one every time . Thank you again Dr Simillis, and team

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