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Written by a patient
20th January 2019

Sadly there seems to be a distinct difference between patients at Springfield and those at Broomfield. I can only say that Mr Spencer was summarily uninformative and unhelpful in my 2 appointments with him and his nurse Jennifer. My first appointment involved a biopsy, which no clinician had told to expect.. I had only been told it was a consultation!! At no time did the nurse display any compassion or exaplnation but kept repeating parrot fashion that she was a clinician. What her clinical value was, I have no idea, apart from holding a receptical to put the biopsy samples in. To say I was treated like a slab of meat is to understate my treatment. There was a complete lack of respect or understanding that to have an urgent referral for a possible cancer diagnosis is stressful. The appointment for my result was made and duly organised with my employer to take time off to attend. As luck would have it, Diane from the gynaecology admin phoned to say, noy to attend my appointment as my results weren't in and I had such a long way to come!! She even suggested she would give me a call if it was nothing serious!! What? So if she doesn't call, it's something serious then?? After some negotiation, it was arranged that a colleague of Diane's (as Diane had a dentist appointment) would call by 9.30 on the day of my appointment to let me know if my results were in. Half an hour I received a voicemail to say my results were in and to attend my appointment. Though Diane sounded'sheepish' on the voicemail, there was no word of apology. When it came to the diagnosis appointment, I left with no clearer knowledge of what was wrong with me than I went in, save that I did not have cancer. Mr. Spencer seemed more bemused that I was post menopausal, 55 and still bleeding. An exception in medical terms. Even my GP seemed astounded that Mr Spencer nor the inimitable Jennifer had not told me what was wrong with me. I am now in the situation where I am bleeding and waiting to see my GP to come up with a longterm treatment plan. I can only apologise to Mr Spencer that my case was not worthy of his expert attention and that despite a list of quifications as long as your arm, was clearly not deemed intelligent enough to have my medical diagnosis explained to me either by himself or his nurse. The fact that a student nurse was in attendance did mean that they did display some politeness and professionalism, though with a large helping of disdain. I would not recommend Mr. Spencer or his nurse or admin staff at Broomfield hospital. Though I'm sure if you pay for their expertise they will be far more attentive.

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