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2nd May 2015
Written by a patient at University Hospital Coventry

Mr Harmston made several verbal commitments to me which he did not honour (telling me that I would wait 2-4 weeks for a sigmoidoscopy (I waited 7 weeks despite worrying symptoms), telling me that I 'needed' an operation, that he had some dates in mind for this and then over a week later telling me that he was not prepared to do this, and, telling me he would discuss my management with me 3-4 days after an exploratory procedure and taking 8 days to do this (I had to chase him for a time/date on the 5th day). Having ultimately refused to operate on me he also said he would telephone the surgeon who he planned to refer me to that evening to speed things up - I do not believe that this happened since the appointment I received to see this surgeon on the NHS was some three months later. His private secretary contacted me 3 times asking me if I wanted to pay privately for various appointments and procedures. This was despite me being referred as an NHS patient and having made it clear that I was not insured and wished to have NHS treatment. He introduced long waits to the whole diagnostic process and was reluctant to give firm dates for procedures unless I wished to pay for them, once giving me a date that I assumed to be an NHS date (since I had explicitly said this was how I wished to be treated) and the next day being told by his private secretary that that was going to cost me £2000 as the date he had given me was for a private procedure. As a result of his management I breached the NHS 18 week wait. He was dismissive of my symptoms and underplayed my clinical signs which subsequent doctors were much more concerned about than he had been. Having seen an alternative surgeon I was operated on in the NHS within 4 weeks. I believe I was treated cruelly, shabbily and unprofessionally by Mr Harmston. The waiting and the way I was treated by this doctor impacted on my mental health which Mr Harmston was unwilling to accept as being attributable to his management of me. Having been sorted out promptly by another surgeon I am now fine. I would not recommend this doctor.

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