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Written by a patient
7th September 2019

I am suffering from symptoms of enlarged prostate. I was referred to Mr Anderson for 2nd opinion by my GP after received very poor consultation from another private consultant who seemed to be more interested in his financial gains rather than giving professional advice in a total of 7-minutes that he spent with me over two visits! I found Mr Anderson quite caring and very approachable. He spent a great deal of time reviewing my file, made detailed notes of my symptoms, and explained in detail the reasons for my symptoms. He then gave me comprehensive explanation, using easy to understand terminologies supported by graphical presentation, that there is no need for immediate surgery (despite recommendation by the first consultant). He provided a thorough report for my GP to prescribe medication and monitor my condition via simple blood test in the next 12 months and refer back to him should such a need arises. My GP is quite happy with his recommendations and supports his diagnosis. Being a Doctor of Science myself, I found Mr Anderson extremely competent and an expert in his field. It seems to me that he puts the welfare and care of his patients at the centre of his practice. I have total confidence in him and strongly recommend him to other patients.

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