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Written by a patient
17th October 2019

I went to see Mr.Macutkiewicz with a problem i had been suffering from for a while.On the first consultation he listened to me and suggested i had a scan which i had done already so we arranged another appointment so he could read the scan reports.My second appointment was made and i went back to see him the following week.As soon as i entered the room Mr.Macutkiewicz greeted me warmly and went on to explain fully the findings of the scan and what he felt would be best for me which involved surgery. He explained the surgery extremely well even drawing diagrams of where the problem was and what he needed to do all the time completely putting me at ease. The surgery was arranged for 2 weeks later and when the day came he came to see me beforehand making sure i was at ease with everything and assuring me that everything would be fine again, totally putting me at ease. After the surgery Mr.Macutkiewicz came to see me in my room to make sure i was ok and explained that everything had gone well and what to expect after the surgery in regards of pain and discomfort which was really helpful as then i knew whatever i felt was completely normal. I can honestly say that over the years i have had many surgeries done but by far the whole experience of this last one far surpassed any other ones i have had. I would highly recommend Mr.Macutkiewicz not only for the excellent surgeon that he is but also for the way he automatically puts you at ease and will explain everything that he will be doing in terms you can understand and not in medical terms that you don't understand.

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