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Written by a private patient
6th September 2021

I had surgery for the removal of my gall bladder in June this year following a severe case of necrotising pancreatitis for which I had been hospitalised for 70 days ( Oldham Royal, then Manchester R.I ) early August to mid October 2020. I was on aventilator for 3-4 weeks and in intensive and high dependency care for much of that time and with a long and difficult rehabilitation to follow.I was awaiting notice from the nhs for removal of my gall bladder to prevent recurrence, but due to Covid related waiting times decided reluctantly to pay for private care. I was initially referred to a consultant at Spire hospital Didsbury ( Paul Goldsmith)who after seeing my discharge notes quite honestly and fairly, which I appreciated, said that he agreed that I needed urgent surgery to remove my gall bladder but that he did not regard himself as having the necessary expertise due to the impact that my treatment for the necrotising pancreatitis, including 5 necroscopies had had on my internal organs. He enthusiastically recommended Christian Macutiecz who on reviewing my case informed me thoroughly and with great care, that as my case was complex, there was a only a 50:50 chance that the cholecystectomy could be achieved laparospically. On the day of surgery Christian came to see me before the procedure and put me totally at ease that he and his team would do their utmost to complete the operation as non invasively as possible, but carefully informed my of the risks and potential complications. I was thoroughly delighted that shortly after waking, Christian informed me that a laparoscopy had been successful. I was also very pleased, as was my husband, that Christian had informed him immediately after the procedure to put his mind at rest which was particularly important after the ordeal of the previous summer when I came close to losing my life. I am now fully fit and well, enjoying food and exercise again and cannot recommend Christian Macutiewicz highly enough. He was friendly, courteous and reassuring throughout, demonstrating a genuine care and concern for my well-being both physically and emotionally. I cannot think of anything he could have done better and would encourage anyone requiring a similar procedure to seek his care.

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