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Written by a private patient
15th September 2022

I cannot thank Mr Macutkiewicz enough for his care while I was his patient. He listened carefully to me regarding the pain I had been in with my gallbladder and was very knowledgable and explained the next steps to me. He was non-judgemental and also also not phased by the additional factor of my being overweight and made appropriate preparations such as I had a bariatric anaesthetist. I followed the food plan prior to surgery that he recommended which worked well and enabled my liver to shrink in preparation for surgery. I felt safe and trusted him with my care from the initial consultation to the surgery though to post operative care and consultation. I found him to be genuinely caring and empathetic. The surgery went smoothly and I am healing well. The wounds/stitches were neat and I was was well looked after post operation. I am able to eat normally and I am out of pain thanks to his care.

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