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Written by a private patient
17th June 2022

Recently had gall bladder removal surgery at Spire Manchester Hospital, the care I received from Christian, and all the hospital team, was excellent throughout. From the first consultation I felt cared for and my needs understood. Any question I had were clearly answered, and happy to help guide me through the process of arranging the surgery with clear timelines set for having the procedure, the expected recovery afterwards and what to expect on the day. All the risks were set out and my understanding of the procedure was checked by Christian throughout and on the day of surgery I was reassured and put at ease. Post surgery the care was exemplary, taking time to check I was comfortable with great advice on how to manage pain and day to day activities before I was discharged. Follow this, extra care and time was given to help me manage my wounds and ensure this was all healing correctly and that I wasn't in pain. Overall, I couldn't recommended Christian highly enough, especially his care shown towards me and his professionalism throughout.

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1 2 3 4 5