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Written by a patient
16th November 2019

I ruptured my ACL 14 years ago and Mr Chauhan performed the operation and it still feels good to this day. Back then he was a breath of fresh air in terms of his chair side manner and approach along with the end result which helped me to have my knee repaired. This allowed me to exercise again which i'm so passionate about, I will always be very grateful to him because of this. I recently visited him again for a different issue with the other knee and found him to be exactly how i remembered, with the same high level of compassion and care towards me. The symptoms this time did not result in an operation but we discussed an exercise regime to moderate and control the problem. Mr Chauhan provided me with the reassurance i needed that everything was going to be ok. He has a very caring and kind nature and will actively listen to your problem. You feel safe and confident under his care. I would highly recommend him.

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